If you are already a part of Los Aleses, or thinking about it, this will interest you:

We have always believed that the best way to transmit our values is through transparency. Therefore we would love for you to enjoy and value our products as highly as we do. One of the keys to proper fruit consumption is of course knowing the proper maturation periods and the proper seasons for each fruit. The best months for the Avocado for example are from October to March and for the Papaya it is November through May. The Mango on the other hand can be consumed from September to the first days of Spring.
At Los Aleses, we will always be delighted to work with other people that share our interest in the proper care of our environment and our nourishment and have therefore, developed on our webpage an option for restaurants or shops to include our delicious products. We would love our businesses to grow together and bring great quality fruit closer to you.

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